Light of the World, Orthodox Squad Podcasts, and ROCOR Studies videos

There is a lot of American Orthodox Christian activity online these days, especially via podcasts, of mixed quality, sometimes very helpful and sometimes problematic, often with a lot of energy. This year I’ve been interviewed unworthily by two podcasts interested in how an Orthodox clergyman functions as also a secular university professor, with thanks to both for the invitations. I was impressed fwiw with the thoughtfulness and strong faith of the young men interviewing their crazed guest on both podcasts. In both, the “front page” image for the interview also had interesting visual pairings of this sinful deacon–one with Orthodox Christian writer Rod Dreher, one with psychologist Jordan Peterson. Though I respect both and it is honored to be pictured in their company, it is a likely indication that there could be trouble ahead. Lord have mercy! A special shoutout to my most recent interviewers, the new Light of the World Podcast, a production of Holy Trinity Publications at Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary in Jordanville, NY, my spiritual home-away-from-home, hosted and produced by seminarians there. Godspeed, and Glory to God!

Here also are a couple other online video/interviews from the past few years by the great ROCOR Studies project, in which I unworthily tried to convey perspectives of an American convert to Orthodox Christianity. Thanks to Father Deacon Andrei Psarev, Ph.D., for these opportunities, glory to God!


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