Bible Study

New Bible Study: Finding Spiritual Healing in Scripture
Sundays 2 to 3 p.m. at Jackass Brewery and restaurant
Route 45 just west of Lewisburg at Brook Park Farm, along the Bike Trail and near the Library

Have you wanted to study the Letters of Paul and other Apostles in the New Testament in an informal way to gain insights into how to better your life, while learning from insights of the Apostles’ own Church on those writings? Then join the St. John Russian Orthodox Church of Lewisburg’s new community Bible Study!

It’s open to all, with no previous knowledge or homework needed. Jump in any time, we’re starting with the General Epistles. Bring a Bible if you can. We’ll also refer to lectures from the New Testament study course at Holy Trinity Seminary, by Archbishop Averky Taushev, which draws on commentary from the early Church Fathers. It’s not necessary to own or read the commentary book to participate in the study, but it’s available on Kindle here:

We will maintain social distancing and Covid precautions in accord with restaurant rules, and meet outside as weather permits. May the Lord bless and we hope to journey with you in this study of Scripture!


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