King James Version Biblical English

Pronoun system

1st PersonsingularImemy / mine[1]mine
2nd Personsingular informalthoutheethy / thine[1]thine
plural or formal singularyeyouyouryours
3rd Personsingularhe / she / ithim / her / ithis / her / his (it)[2]his / hers / his[2]

[Possessive forms were used before vowel letters/sounds]

Verbs also retained different forms through endings, such as said:
2nd person singular, sayest
3rd person singular, saith

Graphic presentation of language and spelling–here is a page from the 1611 King James Bible, which is also called the Authorized Version because of its royal Church of England connections. You can see that the different appearances and spellings of letters and words are to some extent modified in our edition, as in most modern editions of the King James Bible.